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Wilfried biography

His first album Songs for mum and dad (Prohibited Records) introduced Wilfried* to the world: French, clever, funny and moving.
Something of a dandy but occasionally as uncynical as a wide eyed child.
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Style: Austropop, Pop, Folk, Indie folk, French

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Wilfried discography

Title TrackRank
Wilfried - ... und Immer Wieder Geht Die Sunn' Auf
Wilfried - Adabeida
Wilfried - Am Grabe Des Clowns
Wilfried - Bu Hu Hu Hu Hu
Wilfried - Daddy is the devil
Wilfried - Dans le jardin
Wilfried - Dans les bois
Wilfried - Das Kufsteinlied
Wilfried - Dexterine
Wilfried - Hey
Wilfried - Highdelbeeren
Wilfried - I Made Love With Pussy Galore
Wilfried - Ikarus
Wilfried - Il Est Fou
Wilfried - Je Marche Dans La Rue
Wilfried - Je te ferme les yeux
Wilfried - La langue des oiseaux
Wilfried - La revenante
Wilfried - Lass Mi Bei Dir Sein
Wilfried - Lauf, Hase, Lauf
Wilfried - Le Chanteur De Charme
Wilfried - Le Yoyo
Wilfried - Le silence
Wilfried - Le tonnerre, intellect parfait
Wilfried - Leaves In The Sky
Wilfried - Li^stick traces
Wilfried - Lisa Mona Lisa
Wilfried - Loved ghost
Wilfried - Mary Oh Mary
Wilfried - Matrice
Wilfried - Mes belles tennis
Wilfried - Milky milo man
Wilfried - Mir San Froh (Alles Leiwand)
Wilfried - Mum s Song
Wilfried - Mum's Song
Wilfried - Naughty boy
Wilfried - Orange
Wilfried - Rockviech Rudi
Wilfried - Run, Rabbit, Run
Wilfried - Südwind
Wilfried - This is my house
Wilfried - Triton
Wilfried - Un baiser
Wilfried - Wedding day
Wilfried - Wieder Da
Wilfried - Ziwui Ziwui
Wilfried - Ziwui, Ziwui
Wilfried - d'ailleurs
Wilfried - le ping pong
Wilfried - les coccinelles

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