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Audien biography

At a time where the upcoming talents in the scene of Electronic Dance Music seems to get younger by the second, another promising prospect of tomorrow has appeared.
With his incredible sense beautiful melodies and a production quality that deserves a lot of recognition, Nate ”Audien” Rathbun is starting to show off his skills in a trance scene that many had mistaken for being dead and gone. At age 18 and hailing from the Northeastern shores of USA, Nate has silently been honing his skills ever since his first encounter with EDM at age 15.

Style: Trance, Progressive trance, Uplifting trance, Electronic, Melodic trance

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Audien discography

Title TrackRank
Audien - Ciao - Original Mix
Audien - Ciao - Radio Edit
Audien - Circles - Original Mix
Audien - Crazy Love
Audien - Eleven Eleven
Audien - Elysium
Audien - Elysium (Original Mix)
Audien - Elysium - Original Mix
Audien - Eventide
Audien - Eventide - Original Mix
Audien - Eventide [Mix Cut] - Original Mix
Audien - Hindsight
Audien - Hindsight (Original Mix)
Audien - Insomnia
Audien - Iris
Audien - Iris (Original Mix)
Audien - Iris - Original Mix
Audien - Keep This Memory
Audien - Leaving You
Audien - Mind Over Matter
Audien - Monaco
Audien - Pharaohs
Audien - Rooms
Audien - Serotonin - Radio Edit
Audien - Something Better
Audien - Sup (Original Mix)
Audien - Sup (Radio Edit)
Audien - These Are The Days - Original Mix
Audien - Wayfarer
Audien - Wayfarer (Original Mix)
Audien - Wayfarer - Original Mix
Audien - Wayfarer [Mix Cut] - Original Mix

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