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Dousk Biografie

John Ntouskos, aka Dousk, is a new artist from Greece.
Born in Athens in 1979, he completed his classical music studies in 1999.
The studies included classical piano, jazz and electronic music production/engineering.
Dousk, along with Jose Zamora, is the founder of the JDK Project.
He is currently studying economics at the University of Patras in Greece, though most of his time is spent in front of a computer in his home studio.
dousk has also produced music for radio and TV ads during the past two years.

Style: Progressive House, Electronic, House, Progressive, Trance

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Dousk diskographie

Dousk - All About You
Dousk - Anagram
Dousk - As If
Dousk - Ass Table & The Stick (Original Mix)
Dousk - Ass, Table and the Stick
Dousk - Blender (Original Mix)
Dousk - Boy Toy
Dousk - Boy Toy (Original Mix)
Dousk - Bubbles
Dousk - Busmekanik
Dousk - Caribou (Original Mix)
Dousk - Chrysalis
Dousk - Cuckoo Rocks
Dousk - Deamhill (Original Mix)
Dousk - Dirty Teeth (Beckers Remix)
Dousk - Dolly
Dousk - Dolly (Original Mix)
Dousk - Dongle
Dousk - Espero Sun
Dousk - Estrange
Dousk - Falling People
Dousk - Fat Princess
Dousk - Feign
Dousk - Florence
Dousk - Flunked
Dousk - Flunked (Original Mix)
Dousk - Gigi
Dousk - Gigi (Original Mix)
Dousk - Good for You
Dousk - Heavy Armor (Original Mix)
Dousk - Keep Your Nose
Dousk - Kolee (Original Mix)
Dousk - Loose
Dousk - Loose (Original Mix)
Dousk - Mute
Dousk - Pa Dida
Dousk - Page Up
Dousk - Pentatonic (Original Mix)
Dousk - Robot
Dousk - Serenata Delouxe (Original Mix)
Dousk - Sidewalk Lovin'
Dousk - The Novel
Dousk - The Place
Dousk - The Place (Original Mix)
Dousk - Touch Me Light Mama
Dousk - Winchme

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