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Helios biography

This page represents seven artists: "Helios" is a moniker of ambient electronic artist Keith Kenniff. Raised in rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Keith started playing drums, guitar and bass and played in a variety of touring bands, from rock to jazz and classical.
He was finally drawn to study percussion at Boston's Berklee College of Music.
He took a keen interest in independent film, world cinema, and filmscore.
His primary musical venture is the solo project 'Helios' Read more on Last.fm

Style: Ambient, Electronic, Idm, Downtempo, Electronica

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Helios discography

Title TrackRank
Helios - A Mountain of Ice
Helios - A Rising Wind
Helios - Backlight
Helios - Bless This Morning Year
Helios - Bounce Dive
Helios - Buldir
Helios - Carry With Us
Helios - Clementine
Helios - Coast Off
Helios - Come With Nothings
Helios - Convivium
Helios - Cross the Ocean
Helios - Cullin Hill
Helios - Distance
Helios - Dragonfly Across An Ancient Sky
Helios - Emancipation
Helios - Every Hair on Your Head
Helios - First Dream Called Ocean
Helios - For Years and Years
Helios - Fourteen Drawings
Helios - Getting Through
Helios - Glimpse
Helios - Halving The Compass (Rhian Sheehan Remix)
Helios - Halving the Compass
Helios - Hollie
Helios - Homero Hymnus
Helios - Hope Valley Hill
Helios - In Heaven
Helios - Light House
Helios - Mima
Helios - Nine Black Alps
Helios - Nothing it Can
Helios - Paper Tiger
Helios - Samsara
Helios - Shoulder to Hand
Helios - Signed I Wish You Well
Helios - Soft Collared Neck
Helios - Sons of Light and Darkness
Helios - South Tree
Helios - Suns That Circling Go
Helios - The Evening Walk
Helios - The Obeisant Vine
Helios - The Red Truth
Helios - The Toy Garden
Helios - Two Mark
Helios - Vargtimme
Helios - Velius
Helios - West Orange
Helios - Woods and Gives Away

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