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Sultan biography

There are at least five bands with the name Sultan: 1.
An illustrious DJ/producer from Canada. 2.
Sultan was a heavy metal band from Switzerland.
Sultan is a Russian female-fronted metal band that covered the Metallica songs "Fade to Black & No Leaf Clover." 4.
Sultan is an ethnic-techno project of Peter Kuhlmann (Pete Namlook) and Burhan Öçal. 5.
Sultan is the name of the project based in Brooklyn, NY by Kayla Cohen. 6.
Sultan is a balkanorchestra from the Netherlands

Style: Progressive House, House, Electronic, Rap francais, Rap

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Sultan discography

Title TrackRank
Sultan - 4 Etoiles
Sultan - 4 Etoiles feat Rohff
Sultan - 4 étoiles - version album
Sultan - All These Roads
Sultan - Army - Dean Cohen Remix
Sultan - Badaboom
Sultan - Beautiful Angel
Sultan - Call My Name - Spencer & Hill Remix
Sultan - Chapka
Sultan - Chez nous
Sultan - Draw Close - Original Mix
Sultan - Eternel Challenger
Sultan - Fade to Black & No Leaf Clover
Sultan - Fin de toi
Sultan - GStringz
Sultan - Garder la foi
Sultan - Gel Gor Beni Ask N'Eyledi
Sultan - Ils sont pas prêts
Sultan - In The Air [Morgan Page, Sultan & Ned Shepard & BT feat. Angela McCluskey] - Hardwell Remix
Sultan - Keep Moving
Sultan - Kitsch
Sultan - Mec à meuf
Sultan - Mes raisons
Sultan - Night Visions
Sultan - Nightvisions
Sultan - Ordinary People - Original Mix
Sultan - Par où commencer
Sultan - Plus jamais
Sultan - Pride & Joy
Sultan - Protection (Tocadisco Remix)
Sultan - Qui aura ma peau ? - Part. 2
Sultan - Qui n'a pas cru en moi
Sultan - Renegade Master (Back Once Again) - Original Mix
Sultan - Running - Festival Mix
Sultan - Shivers
Sultan - Sois fier de c'que t'es
Sultan - There Goes My Girl
Sultan - Yenelik (Part Ii)
Sultan - Yenelik, Part II

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